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: "No, this time round it’s Oxycontin."  ( 839 )
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Dirt life. Soon, legal drugs will be sold in the market as Snickers or will Bonus to buy products Smiley

The mystery drug behind the arrest of Sherry Johnston, the mother-in-law to be of Alaska’s favorite pregnant teen Bristol Palin has been named, and it’s not Meth, the drug Wasilla is usually famous for.
No, this time round it’s Oxycontin.
Oxycontin is an opioid analgesic medication similar to Codeine that is used for pain relief in severe cases and for cancer patients. The drug is taken in tablet form legally (it’s available by prescription) or snorted, crushed or injected by addicts. It’s considered highly addictive and has strict controls over its distribution in many countries.
Pain killer abuse isn’t new, although experts say that Oxycontin is fast becoming the drug of choice among pain killer addicts, and it’s apparently popular with teens as well.
It’s not clear from reports whether Sherry Johnston was manufacturing the drug, just doctor shopping prescriptions and selling them on to addicts…or simply popping them all herself, but on a bright note, at least it wasn’t meth.

Bristol Palin’s Mother-in-Law To Be Arrested on Drugs Charges

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