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DJ Rimac Style - Mama
Directions to hell are wittin in my past,
The key to success i've lost.
Following some burned up map,
lost faith in God so i started to rap.
Mama how do u feel about your son?
all the love u showed me comes out to - (pause) - NonE!
Now u wanna be there for me, a little late
dont u think? to all my nightmares your their link.
Your what connects them, your what gives them life,
your actions sliced me like a motherfucking knife.
I wont say i hate u, but u know the truth,
dont u know how much it fucking hurts, to think bout
what u did, how u just abbanded me, had to think like a man
but all i was, was just a scared little kid! fuck u, i dont like u
get out of my life, now i dont want u, pain, tears, burned up years.
i never learned how to love till i met this gurl,
but she turned out to be just like u,
up and leave,
said she'd love me forever why was i so fucking naive,
Gle mama i got my self a car, gle mama i bought my self a house,
Gle mama im even happly married, u thought by age 19 id' probbaly
be buried.
If it wasent for my gramma playing a figure of my motha,
i wouldnt have surrvived, Adriadic sea is small comparing to
all the tears that i have cried, for one part emotionaly i died,
nothing didnt effect me, had my boys with me, they were the only ones
who respectd me, little later i droped drugs,
i forgat my crazy nights, married a girl who belived in me,
who went through all the changes with me, held me like
i was a child, for the first time with her i truly smiled.

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